2018 Vision Box in Review


Our custom every New Years Day (as you know if you follow us) is to do our draft picks for the upcoming year.  In 2017 we named our box the Fantasy Box, but we have changed it to Vision Box.  As we see it, these are not fantasies, they are visions we WILL develop into realities.

For rules and regulations of our Vison Box feel free to read this old post : 2017 Travel Draft

Here is an overview of how our journey has been.

2017 DRAFT PICKS:  Niagra Falls, Cuba, Mt. Whitney, Northern Europe, and Wild Card.

TRADES: Traded Northern Europe for Belize

2017 RESULTS: We were fortunate enough to have visited Niagra Falls and Cuba!  Unfortunately Mt. Whitney did not come to frution because we were not picked in the lottery due to an abundance of applications.  Northern Europe did not seem logical so we traded it in and went to Belize instead 🙂  As for the Wild card, this journey has not been and easy ticket to book.




2018 DRAFT PICKS: RV, Speak Spanish, John Muir Trail, Australia, Iceland

TRADES: Australia and Iceland were traded in for New Mexico and Idaho.

2018 RESULTS:  This year has been tremendously difficult for us.  Those close to us know our path and know it has been anything but smooth BUT through all of our obstacles we were able to accomplish some of our picks.


IDAHO: The Gem State

Idaho and New Mexico were amazing trips.  I did my best with the Spanish, and although we did not get to the John Muir trail, I did complete 4 out of 7 of the highest peaks in Southern California.  Oh, and the RV did not happen, but Yami got a new electric car and we purchased a house!

“Some things are by reason not by choice”

The Wildcard pick goes back into the Vision Box yet another year.

2019 is our year.

We hope your visions come true this year.


Tom and Yami




Explore the Chihuahuan Desert How to work and play at the same time!

The best way to make the best of your wife’s travel assignments for work is to do your own work in exploring fun itineraries in those areas!

The true meaning of work hard, play hard.  Right?

So, when Yami had to fly into El Paso for work, I stayed back in San Diego and brainstormed some ideas.

El Paso, Texas is in a region known as the Chihuahuan Desert, encompassing 139,769 square miles.  This vast region makes it the third largest desert in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in North America.  It is bordered South by Mexico and extends north into the states of Texas and New Mexico.

The ultimate plan was concluded in one brainstorming shift:

Camping in White Sand, New Mexico.

The rest of the plan?

Well, I had my work cut out for me.  But, I was up for the challenge, so I packed up our camping gear and flew to El Paso to meet up with my busy wife.


Arriving in El Paso with our fun gear!

Once I arrived in El Paso I dropped Yami off at her satellitle office in downtown El Paso and needed to find my own office to plan some adventures around White Sands.

I could think of no better place:

faintgoat Don’t judge my work location!

Sure, it’s not encapsulated with in cubicles and my work station is not bombarded with paper work, but, when in El Paso….

So, feeling like you need to stimulate your adventurous juices?

Stop into the Fainting Goat and say hello to Luis behind the bar.

The San Diego minor league baseball team plays within walking distance.  Rumor has it, on game days, the Goat wakes up!

My first Tecate helped me research some areas in El Paso.

The airport here is the closest airport to many locations in the Chihuahuan Desert, therefore, it was not only Yami’s work location, it was our home base.

It was a short stay but we were able to grab some good food, explore downtown El Paso, and take in some scenery.  A great area to take in the culture of the city is San Jacinto Park, and for a great view of the city and it’s neighbor to the South (Ciudad Juarez), we recommend the Scenic Drive Overlook.


Looking for good places to eat in El Paso:

http://www.tabla-ep.com/.   (chickpea fries were amazing)

http://parktavernelpaso.com/. (hummus plate will literally feed 10!)

So, the second half of my “work day” was concentrated on finding areas to explore near the White Sands in New Mexico.

This required another round of Tecate and Luis obliged.

“El paso de Norte esposa!  El Paso de Norte”, I screamed quietly in my head.

To the North!!

We would head from Texas to New Mexico via horse!

That might had been the tequila portion of my shift and I was “fainted” back into reality and realized a rental car would suffice.

Las Cruces, a quaint town just 45 minutes north from El Paso along the 10 west, was our next stop.

Well known as the location where the famous outlaw Billy the Kid went on trial, and it’s chili peppers, Las Cruces was a simple little town but with it’s own unique history.

Since Yami literally thought Billy the Kid was a cartoon character, I figured it was necessary for a back up plan, so I had one which was right up her alley!!

St. Clair Winery was a beautiful spot.  Great selections of wine, food, and cheese boards.

This was the perfect spot to relax and think of things to do in the area.

Depending on your desires, Las Cruces has it’s offerings.  You can take in nature in the Organ Mountains or local culture at farmer’s markets.  We chose the latter.




From Las Cruces, you can either head North about 1.5 hours to the town of Truth or Consequences, or East about 35 minutes to White Sands.

We did both.  In diverted fashion of course.

Damn you Tecates!!

Since camping in the White Sands was our ultimate goal, we had to drive East first thing in the morning in hopes of reserving a camp spot.  There are only 10 spots on a first come first serve basis.

So, at dawn, we packed up to head to the White Sands visitor’s center.

check in


NOTE:  Be sure to visit the website prior to your visit.  There are seasonal hours and closures that you should be aware of:  https://www.nps.gov/whsa/planyourvisit/backpacking.htm

It is not advisable to hike out to your camping spot under the peak heat of the deserts sun so we had time to allow it to cool down a bit.

Now that we could rest assured we had a spot reserved, we could relax the minds.

Where, I asked myself as I stared at the intoxicated goat on the menu at my work station?

A few clicks, ticks, and sips later………presto!!

The Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences of course!!


Relax in your own private mineral bath spa room along the Rio Grande amongst the sounds of nature for the bargain price of….wait for it…..30 bucks and hour!!

Our minds were relaxed, and we were ready to make our way back for our back country camping adventure,


something just didn’t smell right.

This brings me to my point:  Please remember to thoroughly wash your suits after your mineral bath.

Leaving them to dry, unwashed, in your rental car over a two hour drive through the desert…..well, not so pleasant.

Damn you Tecate!!!

We hope you take the time to work to live wherever your jobs take you!

Safe travels and please enjoy our blog on the White Sands:


Much Love

Tom and Yami


White Sands, New Mexico is located in the Tularosa Basin of New Mexico.  This vast desert blankets the ground with, (not the typical quartz), but 224.6 square miles of Gypsum-Calcium Sulfate crystalized dunes, making it the world’s largest gypsum dune field!

Let me put this into perspective.  I am from Aquidneck Island, which is found in the state of Rhode Island.  My island is comprised of three towns that cover a total of 37.8 square miles.

This dune field is more than 6 times the size of the island I am from!!

Simply put, this place is a true natural wonder that only can be justified in person.

white sands

Yami enjoys a little yoga and wine atop the dunes as I find a peak to stare into the endless horizon

Before your visit, be sure to visit the website as there are seasonal closures.  The last thing you want to do is travel all the way to find out they are closed.

Head to the visitors center for some adventurous ideas for your exploration of the dunes.

I would highly suggest purchasing a sled for 15 dollars.   They buy it back from you at the end of the day for 5 dollars, so it’s 10 dollars for endless rides!!

You cannot get this at Disneyland for less than 200 dollars and there are no height requirements or lines!!


This is 42!!

However, may I suggest, if you plan to sled double on a tiny little saucer, don’t lean back!!

Watch this video of my wife and I learning this lesson the hard way:

The most adventurous thing to do at the White Sands is back country camping.  We were lucky enough to secure a spot, which is first come first serve, so be sure to get there as soon as the visitor center opens.

For more information on back country camping visit the website: https://www.nps.gov/whsa/planyourvisit/backpacking.htm

Hopefully, you took the time to read a bit more about the back country camping and did not just skim through the minor details….. I will provide the basics:

pack list

1. Arrive early at visitors center for reservations.

2. Weather dependent camping tent and sleeping bags

3. Printable map and compass

4. Light sources

5. First aid kit

6. Quality camera and tripod

7. A back up plan!

Make note:  This IS NOT “GLAMPING”.

There will be no concession for your favorite treats, smores over fire, fly fishing, cellular reception or a place to relieve yourself (other than nature of course).

Also, you will be hiking with your gear from the parking location.  At a minimum you will be hiking 1 mile to your site.

We chose Site #9 which is the closest.

white trek

You will be guided by markers (top left) as you make your trek to your campsite.

As you can see from the picture above, (blue skies turned to black), the weather changes very quickly and without notice.

Plan accordingly….as we did not.

Around 1 am we faced an unexpected thunder and lightening storm that lasted well over two hours.

We were left with the only survival method of staying in the tent, on low ground, and counting the seconds between flashes and thunder to determine how much longer we had before we were in the safe zone.

It was eventful, and it got wet.

We chose not to try and take photos of this event but here is what the parking lot looked like the day we hiked out to camp and what it looked like the following day:


Regardless of the unexpected weather event we had a great experience.

Once we made it to camp we were very excited to set up our location and take great pictures of the views.


Yami getting a candid shot of me with all of our gear.

Below, is a black and white picture of Yami at the base of the dunes at our site:


Can you find Mrs. Waldo?

We hope you find your way to this place.  We have traveled to many countries and have seen numerous wonders of the world.

This place is a natural wonder to behold….

Safe travels and much love

Tom and Yami 🙂

dune camp



IDAHO: The Gem State

Remember to check out all video and drone footage of this blog at Yami’s website:



Each New Years Eve my wife and I have a tradition of picking our New Year’s draft picks.  We have a box of travel and adventure dreams placed on individual pieces of paper.  We choose 5 for the year (up to 2 trades) and do our best to make them come to frution.

We pack fairly lightly when we travel and make the best with what we have.  If we each had to bring an item to a desolate island, I’m sure I would bring my hammock and my wife would bring her camera bag.


My bag weighs about 1 pound, carried easily on 2 fingers and Yami’s bag weighs about 40 pounds (drone included) carried not so easily on the back….her face says it all.

Not very logical from a survival standpoint….


you cannot beat the relaxation of a hammock and without that camera bag, our trips would not be captured so beautifully!

This year one of our picks was Idaho.  We had no particular reason to go to the Gem State other than the goal to see all 50 states, but we certainly have plenty of reasons to go back.  Idaho is more than potatoes my friends!

As with many of our trips, we filled our itinerary up spontaneously.  So on our layover in Utah, after a few mimosas, we thought it would be a great idea to look into a day trip some where.


3 mimosas+2 mimosas = WHITE WATER RAFTING!

**if you are thinking of rafting, bring your water proof case because it will be very hard to find one in this part of Idaho.  We tried, we failed, and decided to just use a zip lock bag to cover the back casing….presto!!



This section of the Salmon River was called The Narrows.  Notice the Go-Pro on my head (thank you Yami), as she literally poses for the camera in the bottom picture.     

 To book your rafting:  http://www.whiteotter.com/


But if you dont have much time to get away from your busy lives, and you need a plan, take a long 3-4 days and do (what I like to call) “The Loop Tour”.



Boise to Stanley via the Lowman Pass Scenic Drive into Stanley.  Head South through Red Fish Lake and GalenaSummit into Ketchum-Sun Valley, and make your way back to Boise using Southern route.

Of course, depending on the season, your itinerary may obviously have a different version.  We went in early July.

First, fly into Boise.  This is the capital of Idaho, very eclectic, diverse, and a perfect blend of city and nature.


Yami loves to Yoga Pose in different locations as  you will see along our journey

Downtown Boise has plenty of eateries, breweries, music and activities.

The people are very friendly and if you dont have an intinerary, trust us, you will have one if you share a table with the locals at Bittercreek in Downtown Boise at 246 N. 8th Street.

We were in Boise for about 1 hour and we made friends with our Uber Driver, whom happened to know some mutual friends of ours, and while at Bitter creek we were graciously swept away into a convertible BMW by two local ladies whom were eager to show us their hometown!

Bitter creek has delicious appetizers and plenty of good drinks.  I would recommened the Riverbend IPA.


For a great lunch or dinner check out The Fork.  My wife and I had the Sockeye Salmon Burger, asparagus fries and Alaskan Halibut.  Delicious!!

I reserved a table the same day through their website with no difficulties.


The locals we met took us to another great area called the Boise River Greenbelt.  This is a beautiful 25 mile stretch along the Boise River that offers great hiking, parks, beaches, and of course a place to cool off on a hot summers day.  You can actually float along the river through the city.


We chose to catch some live music, have some refreshing libations, and cool off our feet in the river.

Our personal tour guides only came with a half day package so we were on our own two feet for the second half of the day.

After a few 4th of July celebration libations, “MONSTER” (credit from the movie Wild), was a bit too much for our weary bodies, so we were eager to use the new fancy bikes you can rent through your smart phones!

green bikes

The next stop in your loop should be the scenic drive along the 21 to Stanley Idaho from Boise.  The drive is an inspiring piece of art.  It’s almost like your driving through an Ansel Adams photo.


Just a few scenes along the drive from Boise to Stanley.  Pictures do not do justice. This drive is one of the best in America.

Stanley may be a small town but it has a personality that is calming.


Enjoying a beer at Bridge Street Bar and Grill/Woolley’s as Yami looks out to the Sawtooth Mountains and I peak through the bottom of my glass.  Yami perfecting her images with her tripod!


From Stanley take the 75 south toward Ketchum-Sun Valley.  Be sure to take your time on this drive.  There are plenty of turns and the scenery is very distracting.  Stop along the way at Galena Summit and of course Red Fish Lake (below).


Yami doing her go to yoga pose once again at Red Fish Lake.  This time on a moving dock. Not bad.

Below you can see how my hammock comes in handy!!

Plenty to do at Red Fish Lake.  Fishing, water sports, hiking, camping, and more!

We filled in our itinerary for two days by having the opportunity to be hosted by my sister in-laws family at a campground just north of Ketchum.

It was great to breathe the fresh air, watch the days nature around us slowly creep into dusk, share food and wine under the watchful lights of the stars and be encapsulated by the Sawtooth Mountains.

Thank you so much to our hosts!!  Much love for the hospitality.

camp idaho

This is our dream one day.  It’s in the dream box and waiting to come true.  Our hosts, Dee Dee and Danny live in this camper.  The energy they have is tangible.  Minimalist with tons to offer.  Living life the right way.

Make your way further south (30 minutes or less) to the town of Ketchum.  Here, depending on the season, you can enjoy many activities.  I’m certain the slopes here are busy in the winter but since we were there in July, we hiked Bald Mountain to it’s summit which offered amazing panoramic views of Ketchum-Sun Valley.

ketchum hike

Bald Mountain Hiking Trail: Ketchum, Idaho

Before making your final section drive of the loop back to Boise, enjoy Ketchum after your hike.

Great local spots to hit up are Lefty’s and Grumpy’s.

http://leftysbarandgrill.com.  We recommend the fried pickles and the Monkey Fries.  The Hazzy IPA is a good local beer.

https://grumpyssunvalley.com.  Grab a good burger and a schooner the size of your head!

Please leave time before you drive to assure your system is not under the influence as this petite town, can, and will knock you out if you let it.

Evidence as such…


Yami enjoyed this Schooner Mimosa at Grumpy’s and then when it came to survival, you got it, my hammock was there to save her!

When in doubt, hammock out 🙂  Find a river, some trees, hang her up, and good night.

If you cannot make the drive until the next morning and you do not have a handy dandy hammock, make your reservations at the best hotel in town:


The final section drive of “The Loop” is an isolated 2.5 hour drive via the 75 south, 20 west, into the 84.  This is the fastest route but if you have time and want to head back the scenic way, go for it!!

We hope you enjoy!!

Please check out my wife’s VLOG for all of our captured video and drone footage @


T & Y 500: Quarter 2 Surge

The first quarter of 2018 was a true bear market for the T & Y 500.

There has been a lot of activity within the company sectors that has prevented them from showing their value, but we remained positive, strong, and persevered,

FLYING into Quarter 2….


YES, this is me doing trapeze.  Lets’ just say this shot looks more graceful then the others!!

Without fear, the strength in love cannot carry us through.

Quarter 2 of 2018 had tremendous gains!



Regardless of the hardships we have crossed, we have stayed strong, true to each other, and moved forward.  Thank you for being my constant.

We enjoyed our anniversary over Sunday brunch at the Farmer and the Seahorse in Torry Pines.  This place is highly recommended if you ever are in the San Diego area.



We also had the opportunity to catch some live music at the SDSU outdoor venue.  Music under the stars is the best.


Head and the Heart

Needless to say, Love stock was the biggest gainer of Quarter 2 (2018) with a 10 point jump to 80/share.

I’m grateful for the unselfish love of my wife. The virtue of patience as well as unconditional love Blanca has shared with us has guided our hearts.

Oh, and of course, Yami loves her wine so we had to go to the local Bernardo Winery Festival.   Stop by sometime, let us know your in the area:



Where there is love, there is family.  My family will always be there in good and bad times. They have given me, amongst many values, the values of commitment and loyalty.


We love you Tio.

Unfortunately we lost a good man this quarter.  His strength may have been his weakness but his heart was pure.

An unexpected trip home this April to lay this stud to rest.

We thought of no better way to celebrate his life then to enjoy his homemade MOONSHINE while listening to some Johnny Cash!


The Moonshine celebration of life was great until the next day…


The CEO’s of T & Y 500: Moonshine Wins!

One week later, we flew back to the East Coast to celebrate again.  This time we celebrated my birthday.

Could not had asked for a better birthday with the ones I love.


Clockwise: Morning coffee/bird watching with my dad and brother, dad not showing his hand, competitive game night, and patio cookouts!!

Family hit an all time high of 72 with a 9 point leap this quarter!














HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Uncle John and Tia Maria



Travel (+5) and Nature (+7) followed suit and increased in Quarter 2.

We had the opportunity to take some time to get back to our old routines so we packed up and hit the road!

As you can see below, we were all smiles for a road trip through Yuma Arizona, into Scottsdale, and to our final destination of Sedona, AZ.


Happy Road Trip Family

The road tends to make one thirsty.  So, we listened to our bodies and made some pit stops along the way to Sedona…..


Clockwise:  Prison Hill Brewery in Yuma AZ, Craft 64 Scottsdale, Vines and Hops in Downtown Scottsdale, and Blanca taking in her own Happy Hour!

If your on the road through the west coast deserts and have your furry friend with you, check out these stops along the way.






The vortexes of Sedona.  Bell Rock (Left) and the family sits a top Boynton Canyon (top right).

It was great to meet up with the Canadian family!  Rose and Joe met us out in Sedona for some great hiking and energy experiences….


On the way to Sedona you can always stop in the Phoenix area to get some good hiking in.  We recommend Superstition Mountain and Papago Park.




Nature is Nurture.  Thank you Sedona for the regrouped energy.  Dog beach Del Mar for Blanca Heaven.  Family strolls in Rhode Island.  Summit of San Bernardino Mountain 10,600 ft,

The friends stock has been volatile since it’s Q3 to Q4 slide in 2017 (40 to 35/share).  However, since Q4 it has been making slow but steady increases and has rebounded in Q2 of 2018 to 52 points!

Thank you to our friends for the love, experiences, and continued memories.




We were able to catch a Red Sox vs Angels game in Anaheim with Freitas and the Gibson’s, share in baby showers on the East Coast (Little Compton) with Ryan Golembeske and West Coast (Palo Verde) with the Moryl’s, Puerto Rican dinner nights in Long Beach with the Salgado’s and Yami ran a 5k in Del Mar!



Thank you Quarter 2 2018. You were amazing to us!

We at T & Y would recommend bringing your drone and taking some great footage of your adventures.

Check out Yami’s site for all our video adventures and drone footage:











T&Y 500 2018 : Q1 Report

The 2018 T & Y 500 has continued where it left off in Q4 of last year, slow, steady, and looking for a breakout moment to surface.

It’s been stressful on the T&Y 500 Life Market for over 6 months…..

crazy here

The only thing spiking in the T&Y Market is my thinning, graying hair!


Amongst many other stressful events, Yami is studying for a big test, and Blanca is not happy about the decline in mommy-dog quality time!


Dad tried to pick up the slack and do some “Downward Dog” Yoga to calm her down:



One bright sign of changes to come is the turn-around of the FRIENDS STOCK.  As you might remember, this stock saw significant drops in value from 43 to 35 points, however, to start the new year, the stock has regained strength to close at 44 points (+9 points).

It was great to catch up with some of our core friends.  The Zong family was visiting San Diego for a full on kids adventure at Sea World, the Zoo, and Legoland but we were lucky enough to grab dinner in Coronado.


Yami was able to sneak away from work and studying to catch up with Amy, whom is expecting.  Congrats.



Lastly, the Freitas family held a big event.

Sarah Ohana Freitas turned 1!  We drove up to Los Angeles and in usual Julie fashion, there was a great spread of food and events for the big day.

sarah ohana


Unfortunately, the FAMILY STOCK remained at 63 points with no gains in Q1.  Although we keep in touch many times a week via facetime technology, we miss our families very much.  We have hopes that our lives will become less hectic and we can visit our families in Q2.

TRAVEL and FAMILY are truly the stocks that innervate the T & Y 500 and both have taking a back seat to typical and atypical market “events” that stabilize the market.

However, management with in these sectors are constantly evolving with these changes to assure losses are at a minimum.

Although we could not see family, we were able to make the best of some short road trips this quarter.  We visited Los Angeles for Sarah’s 1st birthday party as and we drove inland to find some peace at Salvation Mountain:

Salvation mountain


TRAVEL, therefore, had a minimum gain from 57 to 58 points.

NATURE was the biggest market mover in Q4 of 2017.  However, other than Salvation Mountain, a few hikes with the dog were the only other events in this sector

nature 18Q1

The NATURE sector of the T&Y 500 had small gains from 51-53 points

Lastly, the LOVE STOCK showed its resilience through a rocky first quarter and escaped with more strength in its core values.

The backbone to the T & Y 500 remains a top all other stocks and closed at 70 points in Q1 (+6 points).

We closed out Q1 relying on each other, good homemade food, fresh pressed coffee, yoga, and live music over Easter weekend.

Our way of saying thank you for our blessings even with short comings….


The “mutual funds” of the T&Y 500.  Food, music, and exercise.

Even though it was a slow Quarter 1 with some stressful swings in the market, sector earnings show a positive trend and we at T&Y 500 want to say thank you to all whom contributed….



We hope you find your own stocks in life to manage.  For us it continue’s to be FAMILY, LOVE, TRAVEL, NATURE, and FRIENDS with a few mutual funds in music and food!



“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have”

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 10.18.53 AM

The Q4 graph shows a marked reduction in company stock gains with 4 point gains in Family and Love stocks (59 to 63 and 60 to 64 respectively).  The concern revolves around a minimal 2 point gain in travel and a continued loss in the friend stock while nature pushes forward.

This has been a very slow quarter for stocks in the T & Y 500 which comes as a suprise as we roll into the holiday season.

“The companies are going through a lot of challenges in recent quarters and through conscious decision we have had to re-evaluate our expense sheets, and risk-reward ratios”, states CEO duo Tom and Yamilette Lima.

They insist this year has still had a posititve market evaluation, though there were some set backs along the way.  They look forward to the comprised 2017 video coming out to prove that even with a slow market and many hurdles along the way, the skies remain clear for investors….

Quarter 4 Family, Love and Nature stocks all saw 4 point gains.  Although gains were minimal, they were accepted gratefully all things considered:

Q4 came with a Happy Birthday to this wonderful woman:


This picture was captured in a Q3 trip to Victoria Canada

A short trip back East for Thanksgiving helped the travel stock, and although an atypical trip without CEO Yamilette, love and family stocks had gains.


The TURKEY FACES of Thanksgiving

The majority of family gains come when the market is bumpy.  My family is ALWAYS there when you need them….This is a Christmas photo of my Tio whom we visited on my trip back East.  He is having some deterioration in health BUT my parents are CHAMPIONS of loyalty.

When not traveling back East to see family by plane, train and bus, it’s nice to spend an evening under the stars with family out West:

outside family

Nature feeds the soul and although the camera was not out in full force this quarter we surely had our share of hikes and relaxing moments, including Blanca’s first camping trip!!  Nature continues to hold steady and has had great gains (32-51 point from Q2 through Q4).

nature 4



The adventure is always in our bones and no matter the demands on our lives we have always found a way to see and learn the best way we know how.

This quarter only saw a 2 point gain in travel (55 to 57).  One point came from the East Coast family visit for Thanksgiving and the other point came by way of Chi-Town.  Feel free to refresh our visit to Chicago by visiting my old blog post here:

CHI-TOWN like the wind…

FRIENDS STOCK in review:  A huge part of our lives and we are grateful for each one of them.  Quarter 3 and 4 showed a decrease in this stock (43 to 35 since July).  Investors should not be concerned as T&Y have been known in the past to show seclusion but always bounce back.  This conscious decision is needed at this time.

With this, we at T&Y want to wish our family and friends a healthy, happy holiday.  Unfortunately we will be bunkered down out West but look forward to 2018.



Ocean Beach Holiday Parade and Carlsbad Pet Parade!!!